AED-ecision Making Time In Congress!

I am incredibly proud of my AED play on words here and I dare you to disagree. That said, I found some VERY exciting legislative news that relates to Lise’s post on life-saving AED (Automatic External Defillibrator) promotion.

During National CPR and AED Awareness Week, on Tuesday, June 2, the US House of Representatives passed H.R. 1380, an American Red Cross-endorsed bill entitled the “Josh Miller HEARTS Act.” This legislation would provide grant money for AEDs in elementary and secondary schools across the country!

Ken Miller is the father of a lost son who’s tragedy so-named the act. Ken Miller states, “I trust the bill will save a lot of Americans heartache that is just unnecessary. If there is a chance to save these children, we must do something.”

We CAN do something, by encouraging the US Senate to introduce the bill. Check out this sample request letter as a necessary “charge” for the senate, so to speak (that’s pun number two).

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