We’re Going To Graceland!

No, not Elvis’ home with the world famous Jungle Room, but rather the “Graceland of Atomic Tourism,” a disaster shelter built in the mid-1950’s for our very own government leaders. […]

Got Ideas? DHS Wants To Hear From You

Not a fan of color-coded threat levels? Wish hazard risk assessment tools were open source? Have ideas for how disaster preparedness information could reach more citizens? For the next month, […]

Empire 2.0: Not a Nicolas Cage Action Movie.

Although the name may suggest otherwise, Empire 2.0 is actually a program under New York’s state department. Many exciting initiatives have launched from this idea, including testing to use Xbox […]

Rep. Wu On Flu

It rhymes AND it’s good info: For flu PSAs from all 48 members of Congress, go here.

AED-ecision Making Time In Congress!

I am incredibly proud of my AED play on words here and I dare you to disagree. That said, I found some VERY exciting legislative news that relates to Lise’s […]

Senate Passes Serve America Act

Today the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act was passed 78-20 by the Senate! What does this mean? Well, here is a quick view of SOME of what the Kennedy […]