Bringing Miss Megan To The Blood Drive

Ha! We totally spotted a comic before Dede sent it to us!

This Bric-A-Brats comic is called “Blood Drive” and came out in late June. Here’s some of the backstory from the artist, Chris Hemenway:

A few months ago my son had a blood drive for the boy scouts and he asked my if I would donate blood. I had never given blood before because I remember when I was younger I had a little bit of blood taken from my finger with a very little pin prick and yup……you guessed it …….I nearly passed out.

Over the years however, I’ve had blood taken from me many times for different medical tests and what not, so I figured how much different can giving blood actually be?! Needless to say I agreed to give up some of my much needed plasma for a good cause and I was accompanied by my daughter Megan.

It was helpful to have Megan there by my side every few minutes asking those thoughtful questions of hers. “Are you going to cry now?”, “That looks like it hurts really bad, daddy!”, “If you pass out, I will be really embarrassed you know, so you’d better not!” After what seemed like hours, they finally drained what felt like 90% of my blood out of me, I got a free Red Sox tee shirt a snack and some juice and we were on our way.

All in all it was a really good experience (even though I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to this stuff) and I’ll definitely give blood again, and if I can do it anyone can! So get out there the next time there is a local Blood Drive and give some for Pete’s sake. If your afraid, let me know, I’ll send along Miss Megan with you for some moral support.

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