Celebrating September (And A Word From Our Gov)

I love September.

There are lots of reasons for feeling amorous — kids go back to school (actually, that only creates a longer morning commute which, for the record, I DON’T love); I get to move all my summer clothes to the basement and pull out my vast collection of fall coats; and, perhaps most important when you work for the Red Cross, we get to celebrate National Preparedness Month!

Yes, NPM is a bit like a month-long party around our offices. We build kits, plan drills and watch disaster movies. We offer a free online preparedness class (okay, this is available year-round) and create special coupon codes so that YOU can get prepared too.

[Best deal of the year — 20% off items for your disaster kit using code PREPARE.]

To kick things off, I thought I’d share the Gov’s proclamation for NPM in Oregon. Read on!


One thought on “Celebrating September (And A Word From Our Gov)

  • Being prepared definitely is important! This last weekend an 8-unit apartment complex across the street from where I was staying burned to the ground, just a few blocks from Oregon State University. Despite the residents being students from other areas and even other nations, the Oregon Pacific Chapter of the American Red Cross came to the rescue by putting them up in local hotels, providing food, and offering help in finding new residences with school set to start in just a few weeks. It definitely drives the point that not only is it important for you and your family be prepared, but also to help the Red Cross be prepared to help you or someone you know when things turn for the worse.

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