Prepare-aphernalia: Spark Awards ‘Highlights’

The Spark! Awards is an international participatory design competition, and their 2011 Design Content winners have several interesting ideas for incorporating preparedness. You likely have had to deal with a […]

What Do You Need When The Lights Go Out?

According to Portland General Electric, it’s just two things. When I first spotted this PSA, I teared up a little. Yep, it’s that adorable. See for yourself. Admittedly the YouTube […]

24: A “Made For TV” Disaster

I’ll admit it — I’ve been a loyal watcher of 24 since the very first season when Kim was kidnapped after partying with those boys. Yeah, that’s right; the amnesia […]

Bad Weather’s A Comin’…

Have you been watching the weather forecast for the next few days? We have and here’s a snapshot of what we’re seeing… On Thursday morning, a warm front moves in, […]