California Wildfire

Today our thoughts are with the folks in Southern California who have lost their homes to the wildfires – and also with our fellow Red Crossers who have been working […]

Calling All Gamers: The Great Shakeout Continues…

What 5 million Californians did yesterday was only the beginning.  The Great Shakeout will continue online for the next three weeks in an alternate reality game. Appropriately named Aftershock, the game […]

So Did California Survive The Shakeout?

Yesterday was The Great Southern California Shakeout and I’ve been looking around for photos and coverage of what actually happened. Sadly, I can’t find much, but I’m hoping more reports […]

Shake, Rattle, and Drill.

Tomorrow morning at 10am, more than 5 million Southern Californians will all do the exact same thing – and no, it’s not audition for the next American Idol.  No, they […]

Don’t Leave Home Without Your Documents

If you’ve been following the news about the California wildfires, you might have also seen that Governor Schwarzenegger has signed an executive order to waive fees for replacement documents for […]

I Lost My Home And 40 Years Worth Of Art

I felt a sharp pang of sadness when I heard Carl say those words.It seems like you hear a lot about people losing things like photographs or heirlooms in disaster. […]