Wishing On A Star At Westminster

Here’s a connection I never thought I’d get to share…the American Red Cross (and our very own Oregon Trail Chapter) will be represented at The 133rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog […]

Hero Dog Saves Kittens From Fire

Okay, this might be the most adorable rescue story ever. (Click link to see video.) Maybe even more adorable than the firefighter who gave the cat CPR.  And it also […]

Photos from Tails and Ales!

I’ve been waiting for the photos from the DoveLewis Tails and Ales event to pop up and — voila! — here (and here) they are. As you might remember, the […]

Have You Ever Seen A Pet-A-Kin?

If your pet suddenly stopped breathing or broke a bone, would you know what to do? When it comes to saving lives here at the Red Cross, we care just […]

May 17: Beer, Baths and Blood?

Sure, it sounds like the carnage from an X-rated horror flick, but it’s actually the Tails and Ales Dog Wash and the start of a brand-new partnership between the American […]