Giving Peace A Chance

As I type, people are over at Portland State University exploring the historical struggle for peace and justice. One of those people is our own CEO, Thomas Bruner. Thomas is […]

International Humanitarian Law Class Coming Soon!

In a world where warfare and civil strife are a daily reality for millions, International Humanitarian Law provides a framework for protection of civilians and combatants alike. On Saturday, August […]

More On The Colombian Hostage Rescue

This morning I listened to a conference call held at National Headquarters regarding the dramatic hostage rescue in Colombia and the inappropriate use of the Red Cross emblem. One of […]

Update on Colombia Situation

Yesterday the FARC released eight civilians to the ICRC in an arranged exchange. This is very good news because it signifies that this incident did not seem to compromise the […]

We’re Number 38!

Okay, last post. I have a life, you know. Our blog — formerly known as “The Red Cross is here” but NOW known as “Cross Blog” — just got a […]

World Red Cross Red Crescent Day

Happy 180th birthday, Henry Dunant. You are one of the main reasons the Red Cross is here. After you witnessed the brutality of war at the Battle of Solferino you […]

LIVE From International Humanitarian Law

I’m currently sitting in the International Humanitarian Law class. (By the way, you know you’re in a Red Cross class when the facilitator starts off with “Okay, here are the […]