Quick! Google The Heimlich Maneuver!

Thanks to our friend Dede, we’ve got another comic to share with you:

This reminds me a little bit of the Stone Soup strips that I posted a while back. With those, knowlege of the Heimlich maneuver had a good outcome. With this one, judging from the apathy of the characters, I can’t promise the same thing.What do you think? Will whomever is choking be okay? If only these students had taken a Red Cross first aid class, they wouldn’t have to be Googling instructions at the last minute…stay tuned!


  • Cute comic, Lisa, thanks for posting! Quick question:

    As you know, a couple years ago the ARC revised choking rescue guidelines and now recommends backblows as the first treatment response. I haven’t seen any local news reports about this update, have you?

  • Webfoot EMT,

    Good question. I’ve only been with the Red Cross for about a year and a half, so that’s before my time. Not sure what the coverage was when that was announced, but I can say there was a decent amount of media interest when we started talking about “compression-only CPR.”

    In any case, maybe it’s time to get the word out again!

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