Dunder Mifflin: Questionably Prepared For Fires And Heart Attacks

I’ve determined that the writing team for NBC’s The Office reads our blog. I mean, did you see last night’s post-Super Bowl special?

If you had, you’d know that they surely saw our previous shout-out to the show and that they totally absorbed the little music lesson we shared a while back.

Yep, that’s right. We’re taking all the credit for Dwight’s fire safety drill and the in-house Dunder Mifflin CPR training. Why shouldn’t we? I mean, boss Michael Scott did mention the Red Cross by name…even if he did call us a “racket.”

There’s just so much to enjoy about the first 14 or so minutes of the episode and so many great examples of what NOT to do in an emergency. For example, don’t ignore the fire extinguisher and don’t waste your breath yelling, “You will not die!” at a heart attack victim.

To that end, what did you spot the Dunder Mifflin staff do wrong? And did you see anything that they actually did right? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point you in the direction of three things:

The YouTube clips are disabled, so I can’t embed them here, but that should just be your excuse to go watch the whole episode. Enjoy!

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