Robots In Service To America

The year is 2165. Every AmeriCorps and VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) volunteer has been replaced by killer robots. It’s your job to save the world. Long before President […]

Jump up and get down!

Why are these AmeriCorps*VISTA members so excited? No, Jump Around is not playing in the background. Although, I’m sure most of these people can appreciate House of Pain and the […]

Senate Passes Serve America Act

Today the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act was passed 78-20 by the Senate! What does this mean? Well, here is a quick view of SOME of what the Kennedy […]

Serve America Act to Benefit AmeriCorps

With discussions of stimulus packages taking place around the country, National Service is certainly among the many undergoing very exciting times! “The Serve America Act (S. 277), introduced by Senators […]

From Student To Teacher

Amber Marshall Parker saved a 4-year-old girl’s life. How’d she do it? She took a Red Cross babysitting course when she was in middle school and when a child started […]

AmeriCorps: They Do It For The Puppies

If you didn’t already know this, the Oregon Trail Chapter is the local administrator for two AmeriCorps programs — the Oregon State Service Corps and the Clara Barton VISTA Corps. […]

What the VISTA?!

The security at OTC is first-rate. Just minutes after some enthusiastic VISTA members climbed atop the American Red Cross sign, a guard walked out the revolving door asking that the […]

Hands of Peace

Okay, yes, Martin Luther King Jr. Day was 9 days ago… but I just now found the video that the Daily Astorian did for the super sweet Hands Of Peace […]

Does your organization need an AmeriCorps member?

You could have a full-time volunteer of your very own!  Our Oregon State Service Corps and Clara Barton VISTA Corps programs are now accepting applications for the 2009-2010 year.  Every […]

Michelle Obama on AmeriCorps and National Service

Yesterday Lise blogged about how the new President-elect has called for a renewed commitment to community service. Well, according to this Newsweek interview, the First Lady-elect intends to personally head […]