Proof That “Razzing” Works

Antoinette Edwards, our incredible diversity director, shared with me an e-mail that I thought deserved to be seen by a wider audience: Antoinette, We met at an event last year. […]

Disaster Preparedness In Urban Immigrant Communities

There’s a paper making it’s way around Red Cross circles that I thought might interest you preparedness junkies. Entitled “Disaster Preparedness in Urban Immigrant Communities: Lessons Learned from Recent Catastrophic […]

Where did this come from?

Where did this come from?  What kind of instrument is she playing? Where did they get those outfits? Name that dance! Get the answers and many more photos of our […]

Slow Blog, Busy Day

I didn’t really intend to have a slow day on the blog, but it kind of turned out that way. One of the best reasons for a lack of postings, […]