Turn & Test When You Set Your Clocks Back

As people turn their clocks back this weekend for the end of daylight saving time, it’s also a great time to test your smoke alarms. “Home fires are our community’s […]

A little blog-love for one committed woman:

Today I had the pleasure of delivering a disaster preparedness presentation to some of the employees at Ashland Inc. www.ashland.com We were invited by Kim Nutt, the Portland plant’s head […]

Would You Like Some Candy?

Not an April Fool’s joke we’d recommend, but funny nonetheless. How often does your workplace conduct fire alarm/candy drills? [via Izismile]

Dr. King Would Be Proud

“Life’s most persistent question,” he once asked, “is what are you doing for others?” Well, this Saturday, January 15th from 9-2 you can join fellow Red Crossers along with volunteers […]

Why I Want Today’s w00t!

I have three dream jobs. 1. Writing for the Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer. 2. Writing for Groupon Portland. 3. Writing for w00t! The writing for all three is catchy, engaging, […]