100 Years Of Nursing Goodies

Like vintage Red Cross items? You should check out the new Flickr slideshow with a display of items from the last 100 years of Red Cross nursing. See if you […]

Slideshow: Courting Donors Blood Drive

As Tara mentioned yesterday, today is the annual Courting Donors Blood Drive — one of our favorite events. We get to meet princesses, get free massages, eat cake and check […]

Puppies: Real Or Fake, We Love ‘Em

We’re mid-week and you’re probably needing a dose of adorable-ness, right? Well, here you go — sweet and sugar-free, to boot. Photos from Dog First Aid (courtesy of volunteer Jaden) […]

Flickr Finds: Legos, Circa 1987

Ah Legos. Who doesn’t love them? Especially when they can create a masterpiece like this: Image courtesy of mallardine. There are more Lego images in our Red Cross Spotting Flickr […]

Flickr Find: Our Hero

Okay, so this flickr photo has embedding disabled so I can’t post it here, but you should click this link to check it out.  This photographer has decided to take […]

Singles CPR: A Red Cross Valentine

Last thing from me about Singles CPR (for now). Here’s the video that Kimberly Wilson of The Oregonian put together about this event.And yes, yours truly provided the voiceover.