Safety Graphic Fun!

Remember when we posted this find from our warehouse? Here at the Red Cross, we’re all about staying safe. In fact, we put safety and prepareness tips in every issue […]

Where did this come from?

Where did this come from?  What kind of instrument is she playing? Where did they get those outfits? Name that dance! Get the answers and many more photos of our […]

Red Cross Spotting on

Unfortunately we can’t put it in our Flickr group, but I spotted a nice Red Cross photo this morning: an emergency response vehicle in Germany blanketed by the dusty blue […]

Need a profile picture? Here you go!

Speaking of sleek icons, check out these new avatars you can use to show your Red Cross pride! Use them as your icon on Twitter, Flickr, Friend Feed, IM or whatever […]

Have You Seen This Cross?

Since Robin just reminded you of our I’m Red Cross Ready Flickr group, I wanted to chime in that there’s another Flickr group just waiting for your photos. I added […]

Deploying to D.C. for Disaster

(Never miss a chance to alliterate, kids.) Okay, Lise, I get the hint. I’ll tell everyone… National Headquarters called today and asked if I would be willing to come and […]

Where are they now?

Here are some photos from the flood-stricken areas of the Midwest where our local volunteers are helping out. Iowa. And Indiana.