Friday Final Cut

Due to a massively malfunctioning computer, I’m blogging from home today. This, sadly, means that I don’t have access to my folder of awesome (but no time to blog) links […]

Dreaming Of Disaster

Over the weekend, I had a really awful dream. Essentially, Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens erupted simultaneously. Unfortunately, a bunch of my co-workers and I were stuck in a […]

Surviving Fires And Hurricanes

Lately, the talk around the office has been all, “Did you see last night’s ‘Surviving Disaster?’” Everyone seems to be watching and getting enthused about the tips and tricks that […]

My Tribute To Reading Rainbow

In tribute to both the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and today’s cancellation of Reading Rainbow (one of the best children’s TV shows in history), I present the following book […]

2009 Hurricane Names Revealed!

Joaquin Phoenix. Henri Dunant. Rose Trullinger. My dad, Fred Harwin. There’s a theme going here — can you figure it out? Admittedly, this is a tough one. Here’s the scoop […]

On Rabbits and Hurricanes

Growing up, my mom always reminded me to say “Rabbit, Rabbit,” on the first day of a new month. The only rule was that you had to say it right […]

It’s A Great Truck, Ain’t It?

Now you can check out a Red Cross emergency communications vehicle with the help of YouTube’s Magic Fryer, a 16-year-old who has made an astounding 162 videos on a variety […]

Hurricane Is The New Black

Thanks to Ike, hurricane gear has become a fashion trend! (See Hurricanes Are Haters and Hurricane Socks.) The latest Ike-inspired tee is simply called I Survived Ike. Designer Michael Porter […]