Pet First Aid Promo!

So, Anne just posted on pet Pickle’s predicament..but after stumbling on this article, it seemed worth sharing more Pet First Aid news with the Red Cross world! Also, make sure […]

Living Up to Her Name

Donor the bloodhound lives up to her name; not only is she the official mascot of the McIntosh County Red Cross in Georgia, she also donates blood to help other […]

Rescuing Katrina’s Four-Legged Victims

You know that we love pets around here — we actually dedicated Episode 5 of Ready Radio entirely to pet preparedness. The thought of any pets being abandoned by their […]

Real World – Red Cross, CA

I don’t really know what’s going on with these cartoon preparedness videos from California’s Bay Area Red Cross, but I figured I’d share them with you fine people anyway. Red […]

Hey iPhone Users, Check This Out!

Are you hiding from your boss with your iPhone, blasting meteors instead of being productive? Well, now there’s an iPhone application that can help save your dog or cat’s life! […]

Puppies: Real Or Fake, We Love ‘Em

We’re mid-week and you’re probably needing a dose of adorable-ness, right? Well, here you go — sweet and sugar-free, to boot. Photos from Dog First Aid (courtesy of volunteer Jaden) […]

Planning For Portland’s Pets

We’ve talked before about NDART and the importance of making plans for your pet in case of disaster. Now you can become a volunteer, helping other people and pets right […]

Rounding Up Pet Resources

This is evidently turning into round-up week. Not because I’m lazy…well, not EXACTLY because I’m lazy. More because there’s just a lot of good info and to write up a […]