Making A Difference Across The County

As you know, we’ve been sending volunteers to help with relief efforts in Alabama. And, let me tell you, each and every one of them is amazing. Not only are […]

Sending Help and Hope to Alabama

Today we’re deploying three Oregon volunteers to Alabama. Tomorrow morning one more will hop on a plane bound for Birmingham. Other volunteers are already on the ground, and have been […]

Everything Swept Away In An Instant

Before I get started rounding up the news from around the world, I just had to share this moving story from a family right here in the United States staying […]

TONIGHT: Let’s Talk Tornadoes

Since Portlandia‘s not on ’til tomorrow night, you’re surely looking for things to do tonight, right? Well, look no further…how about an Oregon tornado discussion with the American Meteorological Society? […]

Aumsville Tornado

Things are so busy around here that I’m just going to post a few links: Updates on our tornado response Tornado safety tips Photo set from tornado Quick video clip […]

Who Knew? Tornadoes

Another cool YahooNews Who Knew? video, this time about a disaster that’s not often seen around these parts… Since tornadoes are pretty unfamiliar here in Oregon, I don’t expect you […]

Tornado Chasers on Science Friday… *Swoon*

Storm chasers. Every 10-year-old in the Midwest dreams of being one (or was that just me?). They’re the Indiana Joneses of weather geeks – risking their lives on high speed […]

Tornado Hunter

Hahaha! I just had to share this XKCD comic with you guys. I haven’t seen a tornado since I migrated here from the Midwest, and to tell you the truth […]

Wild Weather Caught On Tape!

Okay they were probably caught on digital memory sticks rather than tape, and a volcano isn’t technically weather… but it’s still a good headline, right? Check out these two incredible […]