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Today I had the pleasure of delivering a disaster preparedness presentation to some of the employees at Ashland Inc. www.ashland.com We were invited by Kim Nutt, the Portland plant’s head […]

Center for Disease Control is Ready for Zombies

This past weekend I watched the TV series “The Walking Dead”. Unlike past takes on a ‘zombie apocalypse’, this series prided itself by allowing the characters to break the wall […]

The snow is falling!

Is it really not winter yet? Well, something certainly is in the spirit of ‘fall’ outside. I am currently at home staying warm in my Red Cross polar fleece, preparing […]

How to Build a Gluten-Free Emergency Kit

Raise your hand if you have some sort of food allergy or dietary restrictions. Or know someone who does. By now I’m pretty sure we all have our hands raised. […]

FREE PIZZA!! (With Your Preparedness Kit)

You know the joy you’ll get when you take home a preparedness kit, right? Well, can you imagine the even greater joy when you get 10% off your purchase? And […]

Just Three Days

Talk about knowing how to survive when disaster strikes! You’ve heard about the 33 miners who survived inside a collapsed Chilean mine for 17 days, right? What a story of […]

Photo Frenzy!

Our Flickr site has blown up with all the Red Cross activity going on lately! A Star Wars blood drive, youth awards, a Zombie Squad preparedness night, Twilight movie jewelry […]

Prepare-aphernalia: The Candwich!

If you brown bag it to work, you’ve probably run into the sad problem of a soggy, smooshed sandwich. Who wants to eat a pulverized PB&J? A torn tuna? A […]