Love Country Stars…Music, Not So Much

Let it be said that our feelings about country music are not the same as our feelings about country music stars. Right now, I’m impressed with Taylor Swift, who donated […]

I’ve Seen Fire and I’ve Seen Rain…

…and they’ve led to some pretty disasterous situations across the country. We’ve got wildfires raging in California and floodwaters bursting through levees along the Mississippi. And though we haven’t yet […]

First Day On The Job

So after catching about four hours of sleep on the plane, I arrived at National Headquarters this morning and started right in working (well, training and then working). I’ve been […]

Deploying to D.C. for Disaster

(Never miss a chance to alliterate, kids.) Okay, Lise, I get the hint. I’ll tell everyone… National Headquarters called today and asked if I would be willing to come and […]

Two More Volunteers Head To Midwest

Just a quick update on the number of people we have deployed to help with relief efforts in the Midwest. Today, two more people left. One is heading to Cedar […]

How Oregonians Can Help the Midwest

At this point, we’ve sent eight local volunteers to Wisconsin, Iowa and Indiana, as well as one more to the Red Cross national disaster operations center in Washington, D.C. The […]

Where are they now?

Here are some photos from the flood-stricken areas of the Midwest where our local volunteers are helping out. Iowa. And Indiana.

Midwest Flooding Updates

By the way, you can keep up to date on the national Red Cross response on this special Midwest Floods Blog. And we’ll keep updating you, of course, about what […]