Photo Frenzy!

Our Flickr site has blown up with all of the latest Red Cross action! If you’ve been following the blog, you know that Blood Services hosted multiple Thanksgiving Day blood […]

Photo Frenzy!

Our Flickr site has blown up with all the Red Cross activity going on lately! A Star Wars blood drive, youth awards, a Zombie Squad preparedness night, Twilight movie jewelry […]

Baseball and Apple Pie!

Do you like free pie, free t-shirts, free entertainment and discount coupons to see Portland Beavers baseball? The Portland Red Cross, with our history of pie-themed events, will host the […]

CPR is Sexy this Valentine’s Day

Last Valentine’s totally blew. I went out to a fancy restaurant with my boyfriend (good). We waited for more than an hour after our reservation time to get seated (bad) […]

More Pie? But Why?

Because Robin didn’t link to the AWESOME photos that she took of the CPR Pie entries! Here’s the set. Slideshow below!

Pie Can Save Your Life

As seen on the Portland Pie-Off Blog: When you’re about to drown in Monday paperwork, a sweet, summery cherry filling can save the day. And how many pumpkin pies have […]


The Portland Pie-Off is coming on August 16 and I just spotted this crazy “CPR Pie” category. Who could have done that and what does it mean? Well, you’ll just […]