ON NOW: Youth Photo Contest

Health helth (noun) 1. A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. ~ World Health OrganizationAs part of National Public […]

The Donor with an ‘Iron Heart’

Donating blood is a rewarding and emotional experience, as you embrace the knowledge that your donation is going off to help save lives. On the other side, there are many […]

Photo Frenzy!

Our Flickr site has blown up with all the Red Cross activity going on lately! A Star Wars blood drive, youth awards, a Zombie Squad preparedness night, Twilight movie jewelry […]

Tea Fundraiser Hosted by Red Cross Youth Council

Students with the Red Cross Youth Council of Southwest Washington held a great fundraiser in Vancouver on May 30th. The event included two well-attended tea times, a vintage fashion show […]

Bad Habits For A Good Cause

Remember our fantastic (now) 14-year-old friend Clare? I’m pretty sure you haven’t forgotten this seriously impressive overachiever and her hard work to support Haiti. But, just in case, here’s a […]

Friends Are More Than Just Status Updates

Now that you know a little background on the SAM program, here’s an ad used to promote it on MTV: P.S. Here’s another one, but please proceed with caution as […]

Meet SAM Volunteer Cute Irish Nick

If Robin and I could pick any Red Cross National Society to go work for, there’s no question that we’d be heading to Australia. There are a ton of reasons […]

Are You Prepared For A Frog Fall?

This August, Portland’s 48 Hour Film Project will return. To get you geared up in the interim, I bring you inspiration from Springfield, MO, the home of SATO48 (and our […]

Youth Blood Challenges Update

Here is a quick update on the youth blood challenges… Results have been updated on the High School Challenge website! Remember, the schools with the highest percentage of blood donation […]