Prepare-aphernalia: The Tactical Sammich

Thank Think Geek for this latest in disaster kit deliciousness. The Tactical Sammich is designed to help geeks survive the zombie apocalypse, but of course it would be useful in […]

Friday Final Cut

It’s Friday, and once again we find ourselves with a plethora of stories. So here’s your final cut…everything that we wanted to share, but don’t have time to blog. Enjoy! […]

All Aboard The SS Huckleberry!

We’ve often said that the same principles that would help you survive after a disaster would keep you safe in case of zombie (or alien!) attack. So it stands to […]

Friday Final Cut

Just a short final cut this week…perhaps no news is good news? 40 U.S. Billionaires Pledge Half Of Wealth To Charity — Would you take the pledge? Hands-only CPR, pushy […]

There’s A New Crew In Town…

The Red Cross loves zombies. Well…more accurately, we love to prepare against zombies. From the latest Zombotica fundraiser to Ready Radio episodes to our virtual friends on Second Life, our […]

Zombiefest: Virtual Gaming For A Cause

So, my twin brother plays Warcraft. Therefore, I know that people have fought demons, forged international alliances and even eloped on virtual landscapes. Much like Warcraft’s online world, a sim […]

ZOMBIELAND: Grab Your Survival Kit

[Click for larger version.] All of you who voted for Shaun Of The Dead in our disaster movie poll will be excited that Zombieland is being released in theaters this […]

Red Cross to Ignite Portland!

That title may be misleading…so, FYI, this is not an arsonist plot. Ignite Portland is a forum for anyone off the street to “ignite” ideas in Portlanders. Want to eliminate […]