Service To The Armed Forces

Top 10 Ways to Honor a veteran like Rick Booth this Veterans Day

By Red Cross Cascades Region | November 9, 2023

Julie E. Furnas, Red Cross Cascades Region Veterans Day will be celebrated on November 11th this year and as the parades and flags go up, it is an opportunity to […]

Answering the Call:  Coast Guard Veteran Bruce Hibbs’ Service after Service

By Red Cross Cascades Region | November 7, 2023

Colleen Hathaway, Red Cross Cascades Region Coast Guard Service For 31 years, Bruce Hibbs served in the United States Coast Guard, contributing his knowledge and skills to an array of […]

First Ever Red Cross Team Attends the Veteran Wheelchair Games in Portland.

By Rebeca Marshall | July 10, 2023

By Rebecca Marshall/Cascades Region “When you are here, it’s your home away from home.  You forget about your injuries and your pain,” says Marine veteran Luis Bernal who’s been coming […]

Cascades Region volunteer Nina Sjoding personifies the Red Cross mission

By Red Cross Cascades Region | January 4, 2022

Story by Harriet Vanderbilt/Red Cross Cascades Region Nina Sjoding lives the Red Cross mission.  She is passionate about her work as a Service to Armed Forces Resiliency Workshop facilitator and […]

Binational Health Week 2021 Highlights Collaboration Between Red Cross and Community Partners

By Red Cross Cascades Region | October 18, 2021

Story by Harriet Vanderbilt/Red Cross Cascades Region Binational Health Week was created 20 years ago as a week-long celebration.  Over time, it has become a month-long series of community-focused activities […]

Red Cross Helps Connect Mom with her Deployed Marine Husband After Son’s Injury

By Red Cross Cascades Region | September 15, 2021

Story by Denise Holley and Judi Mahoney / Red Cross Cascades Region When her 11-year-old son fell at school and nearly fractured his cranium in 2012, Tania Vera was desperate to […]

For Some Military Families, Hope, Comfort and Good News Comes with a Red Cross Smile

By Red Cross Cascades Region | April 29, 2021

Story by Colleen Hathaway / Red Cross Cascades Region It’s not every day that Heidi Shuford can deliver good news.  As a Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) […]

Tom Murotake Symbolizes Perseverance and Determination for the Red Cross

By Red Cross Cascades Region | March 18, 2021

Story by Harriet Vanderbilt / Red Cross Cascades Region He just keeps “going and going and going!” In 1989, this Energizer Bunny slogan created a brand that is still recognized […]

In Honor of International Women’s Day, We Remember Clara Barton

By Red Cross Cascades Region | March 8, 2021

Story by Ali Hargrave / Red Cross Cascades Region Behind every successful philanthropic effort is an individual who cared enough to enlist others on behalf of a cause they knew […]

Wildfire season is rapidly approaching; these Red Cross tips can help you prepare

By Red Cross Cascades Region | May 22, 2019

The numbers are staggering. In 2018, 5,600 outdoor fires in Oregon charred more than 700,000 acres, injuring 56 people and killing six, setting a five-year record for the number of injuries and fatalities, according to the Oregon Office of the State Fire Marshal. At […]