Celebrate Independence Day At The Bagdad

I frequently proclaim how much I love disaster movies. Heck, Robin and I even held Disaster Movie Mondays last September! So you can only imagine how much it shames me […]

Are You Prepared For A Frog Fall?

This August, Portland’s 48 Hour Film Project will return. To get you geared up in the interim, I bring you inspiration from Springfield, MO, the home of SATO48 (and our […]

Scene It? The Red Cross Edition

If you’ve never seen Hotel Rwanda, this film is definitely in my top five. Rewatching it the other day, I recalled how heavily the movie featured the Red Cross. That, […]

An Excuse For A Party?

I don’t know about you, but I’ll find any excuse to throw a party. With upcoming March holidays like Saint Patrick’s Day, the lesser-known Submarine Day or even the extremely […]

A Vampire Blood Bank

It’s official- we are in the middle of a ‘Vampire’ craze. Not even a new year can change that, and this blog is filled with examples. Vampire Diaries, TruBlood, Twilight, […]

Wanted: Info On “Ice Twisters”

[In my best booming movie trailer voice…] In a city where ice is infrequent and tornadoes are even rarer… In a community that thought they were prepared for anything… They […]

New 2012 Trailer

Robin and I like disaster movies. In fact, we’re gearing up for Disaster Movie Mondays throughout the month of September at the Tin Shed. But you know who likes disaster […]

Give Whole Blood, See Half-Blood

I have a secret: I love Harry Potter. I’m not obsessed by any means, like some people I know. I haven’t read any of the books, but I absolutely adore […]

You’re Killing Me Smalls!

After the amazing weather this weekend, I dared to dream of potential summer activities: baseball, swimming, running from giant dogs named “The Beast.” Okay, so another summer tradition of mine […]