Costume Contest at the Red Cross!

Sleepy Hollow, a Mad Scientist, The Addams Family and Thriller Zombies…all of this and more at the 2010 Costume Contest at the Red Cross! Check out the photos below: Created […]

#Just1Thing You’ve Done!

Whether or not you won our #just1thing contest (and we haven’t picked all the winners yet…hang in there!), I thought you’d like to know what your friends, neighbors and fellow […]

Make A Bed, Make A Difference

As much as I enjoy dressing like a 50’s housewife, I rarely act like one. More specifically, I don’t cook or clean — I like to pay restaurants and professionals […]

CONTEST: #just1thing For Families

After last week’s focus on kids, we’re turning our attention to families for our second annual #just1thing contest. WEEK TWO: PREPAREDNESS FOR FAMILIES If you send us a tweet this […]

CONTEST: #just1thing For Kids

So last week, we kicked off our second annual #just1thing contest. And even though things are already up and running, we’re just now focusing in on the first theme: WEEK […]

CONTEST: Tell Us #Just1Thing (Again!)

It’s contest time, my friends! In honor of National Preparedness Month, we’re bringing back our incredibly awesome Twitter contest from last year — #just1thing. And, if you do exactly that […]

CONTEST: (Let’s Get) Ready To Rumble!

In honor of Earthquake Month, we’re holding a contest to encourage you to be prepared for anything. To enter, simply take a photo of your disaster supply kit spread out […]

Cast Your Vote In Safety Video Contest!

Lessons learned: Don’t play around with ketchup. Don’t steal golf carts. Don’t throw stuff at your co-workers. While all of these things sound fun (especially throwing stuff at Robin!), each […]

Students: Enter The Safety Video Contest!

From Oregon OSHA: Cue the director; it’s time for high school students across Oregon to create a 45-second public service announcement promoting young worker safety and health. The top three […]