iPads, Accelerometers and Empire 2.0!

Sounds intriguing, right? If you’re a fan of NPR, tech gadgets or just staying awake at the office, tune in live to our latest Ready Radio show, hosted by PDX.FM! […]

Quake Alert!

I don’t know about you, but I definitely have earthquakes on the brain these days… Powerful earthquakes have recently struck Haiti, Chili, and now Baja California, Mexico April is Earthquake […]

Excitement in the Air

Whirly Bird Action Yesterday was an exciting day for Red Cross Blood Services. Leave it to Eileen Cahill and Neil Heiniman of Hospital Services to negotiate a Coast Guard Chopper […]

Meet Skip from Sherwood

I have all sorts of blogging inspiration today, starting with this article in The O introducing Skip Booren, Sherwood, Oregon’s new emergency management coordinator. On the job for just six […]