March is Red Cross Month!

Today marks the beginning of Red Cross Month! No matter what your cause or passion, you can find endless volunteer opportunities through the Red Cross! Donate Blood: The Red Cross […]

Walking Tall with My Superhero Tool Belt

When I was an innocent, tiny teen, my friend and I decided to take a women’s self defense class at our local community center. Although we were being educated at […]

Red Cross Returns to The Doctors Tomorrow!

From heart attacks to blood transfusions to emergency triage, the Red Cross certainly has a part to play in the drama of hospital life. So it makes perfect sense that […]

Make A Difference Day Is Tomorrow!

Make a Difference Day is a national event encompassing the most comprehensive nation-wide day of helping others. USA Weekend reports that in 2009, 3 million people participated in the national […]

Being Prepared for the Unexpected

Even though it is Preparedness Month, sometimes we see Red Cross related news that even catches us off guard. Here are a few amazing/interesting/awkward stories from the past two weeks. […]

Portland Pirate Pride!

“Avast ye bilge-sucking seadog! Keelhaul the scallywag over Davy Jones’ locker! …Are you completely confused? If so, you need to brush up on your Pirate English! This weekend is the […]

Help Or Hinderance? Technology In The Wild

I’ve talked before about the 10 Essentials — the items you need for a day trip (or overnight) in the wilderness. We’ve even done a Ready Radio episode on the […]

Paging Doctor House…

I’m probably the last person on the planet to start watching the television show “House.” But with frequent blood transfusions, CPR compressions and other Red Cross-focused emergencies, I figure I’m […]