Keeping Your Watery Weekends Safe

This weekend was absolutely beautiful…and horribly tragic. When the sun comes out, people love to cool down in the water, but don’t always do so with safety in mind. And […]

ARC and KGW team up for ‘Live to Give’

I have to admit, one of the things that really makes me smile is seeing Red Cross mentions in the local media. When I visited local NBC Affiliate KGW’s website […]

Paranoia Or Just Being Prepared?

We’ve talked before about luxury doomsday bunkers and “preppers;” now check out this video from ABC News and tell us what you think.

The Prophet Of Doom Speaks

“An earthquake preparedness kit? I don’t have an earthquake preparedness kit.” Uh, ouch. Like our friend — and Prophet of Doom — James Roddey, we’re working hard to change the […]

Why I Help: Phil Gonzales

Phil Gonzales is tough. After 50 years working for car dealerships in southern Oregon, the first thing he did in his “retirement” was try out for Survivor. Though he didn’t […]

What We’ve Got Here…Is A Failure To Prepare

Thought I’d share this interesting article from the New York Times about Californians and their level of preparedness. Given that California has seen major earthquakes more recently than we have, […]

Is Your Biz Disaster Ready?

Just wanted to point your attention to this week’s Oregon Business magazine poll, which is right up our alley: Okay, so you can’t vote in the image above, but you […]

TOTN: Differences Between Haiti & Chile Quakes

I missed Monday’s episode of Talk of the Nation on NPR. Normally, I’d be okay with that, but this discussion sounded fascinating. TOTN took a look at the recent earthquakes […]

TIME: There’s No Point in Doing Good Badly

At our board meeting tonight, our Emergency Services Director pointed out an article that appeared in the latest issue of TIME magazine. The piece, “There’s No Point in Doing Good […]

50 Ways To Please Your Lover

It might not sound like a huge accomplishment, but I’m proud to say that Singles CPR landed the #38 on Willamette Week’s “50 Ways To Please Your Lover” list for […]