The snow is falling!

Is it really not winter yet? Well, something certainly is in the spirit of ‘fall’ outside. I am currently at home staying warm in my Red Cross polar fleece, preparing […]

Today’s Agenda: Busy.

Quick post today, as we’re very, very busy. Why, you might ask? 1. We’re helping out at the Mission of Mercy dental clinic, passing out hot coffee and preparedness info. […]

Winter Prepare-aphernalia: Vodka And Rum De-Icer

We’ve seen the classic images of St. Bernards carrying casks of brandy to rescue and revive travelers stuck on a treacherous mountain pass. And there’s no question that mulled wine […]

Winter Weather and Giving Blood

When snow and ice hits, it impacts just about everyone in the area. For those of you who were stuck in traffic last night, that message was clear. One might […]

Did Winter Storms Ruin Christmas Delivery?

Disasters destroy many things. Waffles and lives, to name just two. But now there’s a new concern to add to the list — will winter storms ruin Christmas? Or at […]

Matchmaking Services Now Available

The Red Cross helps people fall in love. Yes, we’re the ultimate matchmakers. For proof, just check out our Singles CPR couple, this story from Hurricane Katrina…and now this. I […]

Freezing Temps = Emergency Warming Centers

It’s that time again… Our Emergency Warming Centers — designed to serve the homeless on the very, very coldest of nights when all other shelters are full — will be […]

Is It Winter Yet?

There are many things I love about winter — hot chocolate, mittens, flannel jammies and woolly tights, to name but a few. Well, our friends at NOAA must be looking […]

Volunteer For Our Warming Centers!

We’ve had really windy weather for the past few days, but it’s nothing compared to what we’ll probably be seeing come January. That’s why we’re planning ahead and recruiting volunteers […]

Jan. 8: What We’ve Been Up to

Did you hear the wind last night? It was CRAZY. I thought for sure my power was going to go out…at least I would have been prepared with these tips. […]