Fashion Finds: Summer REDecorating

Here’s another sanguine selection to go with these Blood Bucket lamps that Robin told us about a few months ago. Host a dinner party around this table and you’re sure […]

Giant Fire-Fighting Robots!

I swear I’m not making this up. His name is Clear Cut. And he fights forest fires. …Or at least that’s the concept. Designer Jordan Guelde sees this giant robot marching […]

Portugese Red Cross Advertising

As someone who’s into art and design, there’s nothing I like more than seeing powerful Red Cross advertising. You can see some of our past favorites here, here, here and […]

Stylishly Storing Your First Aid Supplies

So you’ve taken your Red Cross first aid class. You’ve purchased a first aid kit. Now where to store it? Blogger and organizer Jeri shared six options for supply storage, […]

Check Out This Pukka Advertising Campaign

I (heart) New York. Designed by Milton Glaser in 1977, this logo has “been reproduced innumerable times, in versions both official and unauthorized.” And now, with the approval of Gov. […]

Wearable Shelter? Or Parka?

As promised, here’s the first totally awesome item from MOMA’s SAFE: Design Takes On Risk exhibit — the Final Home 44-pocket parka. Designed as a wearable shelter, this parka features […]

SAFE: Design Takes On Risk

Let me say that the Museum of Modern Art’s SAFE: Design Takes On Risk exhibit is worth about 100 blog postings. But before I launch into the first of many, […]

Hurricanes Are Haters

Not too long ago, reader Pap commented that the Red Cross needs some cooler t-shirts. I pointed him in the direction of the American Red Cross Loves Threadless competition (you […]