A little Blog-Love for an Incomparable Three

On Monday in Lake Oswego, a fair at a retirement community represented an extraordinary collaboration between three parties I greatly respect.Party #1: The American Red CrossNow I’m a bit biased […]

Prepare-aphernalia: Office Edition

Here on the blog we spend a lot of time talking about being prepared. We’re pretty sure that a magnitude 9 or so earthquake (that will cause extensive damage and […]

All hail the new Prophet of Doom in Oregon!

There’s an awesome article by Bruce Barcott in the October issue of Outside Magazine called “TOTALLY PSYCHED FOR THE FULL-RIP NINE”, about a Cascadia earthquake and its effects at the […]

Earthquake Fish

Throw it Back! (http://ht.ly/6pwLu) Here at the Red Cross we’ve always been interested in Busting Myths but today, I’m just interested in some excellent, highly cultural myths to sink my […]

Friday Final Cut

It has been a busy week in this post-Hurricane, post-Earthquake, pre-Velociraptor society, with a plethora of stories we weren’t able to blog. So here’s your final cut… everything that we […]

Finding Faults…on Mt. Hood

Ian Madin and his team have found a previously undetected seismic fault that appears to be both active and dangerous on the northern flank of Mount Hood. Madin, the chief […]

They’ve Got The Power

Um, what??… Korean scientists think they have determined what caused a 39-story Seoul skyscraper to shake violently for 10 minutes, causing the building to be evacuated for two days. Earthquake? […]

Time To Drink And Donate!

Let’s talk drinking and donating for a minute. Here’s a simple chart: Water + Donating Blood = Good Alcohol + Donating Blood = Bad Soda + Donating Change = Awesome […]

Personal Messages From Japan

This was brought to my attention by @ChrisRotvik, who has been doing some volunteer work with the Red Cross. The video comes from the Twitter blog, where they shared the […]