The Weirdest of Weird Weather

There’s some pretty weird weather around the country this week – tornadoes in the South, flooding in Fargo, spring-break-snow in Kansas and swarms of earthquakes* in Southern California.  Wondering what […]

Feeling The Wrath Of Water

Speaking of the dangers of flooding, check out the “Wrath of Water” video posted by our friends at the Portland Water Bureau. Make sure to watch around the two-minute mark […]

A Flood Of Information

Did you know that it’s Flood Safety Awareness Week? I’m sure you did, as floods are one of the disasters most likely to affect our area. Just think back over […]

Disaster Alert: Northwest Floods

I just got the following note in my e-mail and thought it was worth sharing: Lise –Right now is the worst part for the flood victims in Washington and Oregon […]

Jan. 9: What We’ve Been Up To

Since things are still busy around the Chapter, I thought I’d give a little rundown on what we’ve been up to today. First, as I alluded to yesterday, we wound […]

Jan. 8: What We’ve Been Up to

Did you hear the wind last night? It was CRAZY. I thought for sure my power was going to go out…at least I would have been prepared with these tips. […]

Top Five Disasters Of 2008

‘Tis the season for Top Ten and Top Five lists.  Everywhere you look, you’ll see lists of 2008’s best books, worst outfits, weirdest science experiments… pretty much everything.  And you know […]

Venice Is Under Water

Venice is sinking. It has been for centuries. The flooding has become so commonplace that the city builds elevated walkways and shopkeepers keep water barriers on their doors.  But this […]

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

If you’re a skier, you’re probably loving the fact that there’s tons of snow coming down in the mountains. But if you’re into disaster preparedness, there’s no doubt you look […]