Connecting Pets And People After Disaster

I am a dog person. Robin, as you can tell by her love for, is a cat person. But I think it goes without saying that, no matter what […]

Hurricane Ike Families Reunited By Red Cross

Another update from Portland disaster volunteer (and Blood Services employee) Daphne Mathew: The American Red Cross Welfare Information Team that deployed for Hurricane Ike is amazing! The welfare team offers […]

Oregonians Deploy For Tropical Storm Gustav

Though Tropical Storm Gustav isn’t projected to make landfall along the Gulf Coast until the end of Labor Day weekend, the American Red Cross is preparing for the anticipated hurricane […]

I’ve Seen Fire and I’ve Seen Rain…

…and they’ve led to some pretty disasterous situations across the country. We’ve got wildfires raging in California and floodwaters bursting through levees along the Mississippi. And though we haven’t yet […]

How Oregonians Can Help the Midwest

At this point, we’ve sent eight local volunteers to Wisconsin, Iowa and Indiana, as well as one more to the Red Cross national disaster operations center in Washington, D.C. The […]

Severe Storms Hit Arkansas and KC Area

Wow, these storms hit close to home for me (literally).  It reminds me of two things: Safe and Well. I’m really glad that I asked my Midwestern family to register […]

Wildfire Season Starts Early

Even though it’s still April, wildfires have begun in California. The most recent one is near Los Angeles and already about 550 homes have been evacuated. Here are some tips […]